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Lifestyle Coaching

Trance-formational coaching $200 for 60 minutes

Trance-formational coaching with Acupuncture $200 for 90 minutes

Trance-formational coaching with massage $200 for 90 minutes

With Trance-formational coaching we help our clients achieve behavioral changes with Intentional Conversation specific to each person’s specific needs.

Our clients successes continue. Clients behavior around PTSD have been shown how to have a healthier disconnected outlook about their trauma. Others have worked successfully on becoming motivated to loose weight, improve emotions, decrease anxiety, reduce depression and many other mental hindrances! Call now to set up an appointment.

Our coaching is based on many techniques. Guided meditation is the foundation we utilize while incorporating Mindfulness based Stress reduction, techniques from Milton Erickson and his resources to assist with change, Cognitive Coaching, years of personal growth work and many other tools picked up along the way.

We believe in empowering people to make positive changes in their lives through health nutrition, exercise, and creating a healthy lifestyle internally and making available any needed external resources!

Image by S Migaj
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