Yoga in Golden Colorado

2600 East St., Golden CO

(Clinic for acupuncture, massage and wellness is at 807 14th St., Golden CO.)


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Our classes are unique, casual and tailored to your needs. There’s no frills and no pressure at the Pranatonic studio – just yoga, plain and simple.

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Parking: On 1/1/2017 we moved the yoga studio a few blocks away (but the clinic for acupuncture,massage and wellness will stay at 807 14th St.) to 2600 East St., which has it’s OWN DEDICATED PARKING LOT!!!

Transportation: Coming from the East, you can reach us by the 16 or 16L Bus to Golden, getting off at the South Golden Rd + Sunset Dr. stop.  It is about a 1 minute walk West from this stop to the studio.

Come as you are, and be welcomed into our cozy community. Whether you want to infuse your day with Power, Core Strength, Graceful Yoga Flow (or “vinyasa”) or experience a Gentle Yoga stretch, our instructors will guide you towards your goals at your own pace.

We believe “Every Body is a Yoga Body” – there’s no special requirements to come and practice yoga here.  Although, if you would read our yoga etiquette guidelines we’d be grateful. But, you don’t have to know Sanskrit (the ancient language of India) be a pretzel body or even have a special pair of yoga leggings (although if you do, feel free to rock ’em). All you need is a desire to move, breathe and create greater harmony within and around you.  You can borrow one of our yoga mats for free! 🙏

Yoga Class Schedule

Upcoming Workshops


Yoga Prices:
Intro Special* 30 days for $30
First Class – Buy Now $5
Drop in – Buy Now $16
5 class card – Buy Now $65
10 class card – Buy Now $120
First month unlimited (within 3 visits) – Buy Now $50
Monthly Unlimited (no contract) – Buy Now $105
Monthly Unlimited (Auto Renew) – Buy Now $95
student & teacher discount available

*30 days for $30 is valid to students new to PranaTonic or students who have not practiced with us in 90 days. Come into the studio to sign up or buy online! (If you have not practiced with us in 90 days you will not be able to purchase the special online. Please call us at 303 – 274 – 5733 and we will set it up for you.)   Your 30 days must be consecutive, and begin immediately upon purchase.


Private and Semi-Private Yoga with Kimball Cicciu

Kimball Cicciu has been teaching yoga for more than 17 years. Her keen awareness of body mechanics and the associated structures gives her a unique ability to design a class that is just right for you. Whether you need yoga therapy for an injury, you want to take your practice to the next level, or you want to get a group of friends together for a yoga party, we’ll deliver a professional, safe, fun time.

Call for current pricing.

Location is negotiable.



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