Yoga, Tai Chi & Zumba

We have Yoga, Tai Chi and Zumba classes every day of the week that are instructed by the area’s top teachers. Whether you enjoy a class that’s calm or invigorating, you’ll find the type of yoga that you’re looking for here. Interested in something different? Try our Tai Chi and Zumba classes.


PranaTonic offers Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture for pain relief, infertility, sciatica, insomnia, anxiety, stress reduction, cancer support, endometriosis, PMS, menopause and more.


We specialize in Tui-Na and Deep Tissue massage therapy. Both of these styles of massage work therapeutically to break up old muscle patterns and adhesions. We also offer lymphatic massage and Craniosacral Therapy. Learn more about our massage services here.

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Learn to belly dance! Based on … read more

We are sorry to announce that our 6am, Tuesday Ashtanga class will no longer be available after April 10, 2018. Please check out the other Ashtanga class held on Saturday afternoons at PranaTonic Yoga studio. … read more

We are sorry to inform you that the free Meditation and Mindfulness class that is offered on Sundays will no longer be available after April 1st, 2018. Please join us in several of our other wonderful classes we offer seven d … read more

Our Herbal Pharmacy

Our Herbal Pharmacy is vast and includes organic raw herbs such as
Cinnamon, Licorice, Longan Fruit, Mint, Yellow Dock Root, Astragalus, and many others.
We also carry tinctures and tablets that are based on ancient Chinese Herbal formulas.

We recommend an herbal consultation for choosing the formula that’s right for you. Our topical herbal assortment is also broad and includes essential oils, ointments, lotions, salves and plasters for healing traumatic injury, repetitive motion pain, healing of chronic sores or to stop bleeding.

Besides our magnificent herbal assortment, we also offer delicious teas and herbal tea blends. Whether you’re looking for Dao Ren Tea, Jasmine Tea, Hibiscus blends, Lemongrass blends or a delicious Pu’Erh Tea, come in and browse our Tea section. We also offer free samples daily. Yum.

The Nutritional Supplements we carry are carefully selected for the highest quality and efficacy. We stick with brands that we trust including Metagenics, Xymogen, Nordic Naturals and Innate Response. We hope whether you need detoxification support, fish oils, probiotics, Vitamins or greens, you’ll think of us first.




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